Facilitator Training

Everyone can benefit from training! You'll develop leadership, communication, planning, and group management skills. All sessions involve participation, lecture, discussion, experiential, and practicum modes to meet all learning styles. Some examples of past participants include Student Affairs Professionals, Camp Staff, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Counselors and Therapists, and all of our current staff. 

Training Courses

We offer two types of training through the challenge program. Both are for the Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1)

The Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1) - Low only
  • 20 hour training includes experiential education theory, facilitation practice, and lots of activities to do with your groups.
  • Price: $40 ($119.00 non-members)
The Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1) - Low/High
  • 40 hour training includes all subjects from low only training, as well as inspecting, belaying, and running high elements.
  • Price: $60 ($149.00 non-members)

Training Details

The trainings run congruently and follow the standards as set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). They are designed for the beginner facilitator and cover frontloading, debriefing, and sequencing of activities. The technical skills covered in this training include spotting, belaying, access climbing, and gear inspections. At the end of training, you will have a wide repertoire of activities that you can lead on or off the challenge course. The last day of the course includes testing. Participants who successfully complete the training and testing will be offered a certificate of completion. This training is not a guarantee for employment with the UREC Challenge Program but is required to be hired.

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Training occurs early in the fall semester over the course of two weekends, and immediately after spring semester during the week after finals as well as a week during summer. If a training isn't listed below, email arturo.gavilanes@wsu.edu for upcoming training dates.