Facilities Closed

All recreational facilities including the Student Recreation Center, Stephenson Fitness Center, Faculty/Staff Fitness Program, Playfields, and the Chinook are closed until further notice in accordance with the Governor’s request.




All youth participants (active and non-active) must have a Youth Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Form signed by youth and parent(s) or guardian(s); no substitutions, no exceptions.

Qualified chaperones are required for each small group of 8-15 youth.

Chaperone Qualifications

Chaperone Responsibilities

  • Behavior management of the group and break time supervision of the group.

  • Participate when appropriate without being the problem solver or main strength of the group.

Activity Eligibility

All participants, regardless of age or ability level, are welcome to participate in all our offerings, provided they can wear the necessary protection equipment correctly.


All non-WSU groups must furnish an appropriate and current certificate of insurance showing that there is in effect, commercial or comprehensive general liability insurance, including public liability and property damage. 

Your group must agree to provide approved proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence combined single limit, two million dollars ($2,000,000) for the aggregate on all group members. Proof of insurance must also name additionally insured: Washington State University, its officers, agents, and employees. This insurance coverage must be primary and non-contributory.

You may copy and paste the paragraphs above when requesting a certificate from your insurer.

Insurance for private groups may be available as a rider on your home owner's or renter's insurance.

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