Special Events

We are often asked if people can experience the challenge course as an individual, instead of as a group.  We have a few programs that are designed for partnered registration rather than a traditional group setting. These typically include Backyard Bash, Dad's Weekend, Valentine Climb, and Mom's Weekend. You may also form your own student group with friends to participate in low and high challenge activities.

If you are interested in an event for your group, please click here to register.

Are you interested in leading these kinds of events? Please see the facilitator training page for more information.

Registration Ends November 1

Dad's Challenge

Nov 3 in SRC Backyard Challenge Course
[Sa] 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
This special event program provides an opportunity for you and your dad to work together in groups and explore your limits on the high course. Participants can expect a few fun group games or initiatives led by our trained facilitators, as well as an opportunity to climb around on one of our high elements. This unique challenge will be the ultimate bonding experience for you and dad to talk about for years to come. ***To register additional participants, please re-register for this course. ONE REGISTRATION = ONE PARTICIPANT*** Friends and family 14-17 years old may participate with a youth risk and release form signed by their parent or legal guardian, no exceptions or substitutions. Please email ORC@wsu.edu for a specific youth risk and release form if needed. Contact Joanne Greene or Jeff Elbracht, 335-8732, at least one week in advance for reasonable accommodation. NOTE: We strongly encourage you to consult with a physician before participating in any physical activity to determine any potential conditions that may adversely affect your participation. Activities may involve running, lifting, bending, balancing, and climbing.