Lead Climbing

Are you getting comfortable top-roping, and want to learn a new skill that you can apply outside? Lead climbing is the method of climbing where you clip your rope into protection as you ascend, rather than being belayed through one anchor at the top of the climb (top roping). In our lead climbing clinics we’ll teach you the skills needed to effectively lead climb and belay.

Prior to taking a lead clinic, participants must have a belay qualification through the WSU SRC Climbing Wall, and have a strong base knowledge of roped climbing methods and systems. 

Lead Climbing Policies

  • Patrons wanting to lead climb are required to attend a lead climbing clinic

  • Patrons are required to follow all lead climbing policies and procedures communicated during the lead climbing clinic, including all commands

  • Lead climbing is available when roped climbing is open

  • Patrons will use SRC Climbing Wall ropes only, typically the rope that is in the top rope anchor at the time

  • Patrons are responsible for re-hanging rope after use

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