Pricing & Registration

2018 Pricing Information 

This year we are continuing to offer a Pick 2 Special. If you register for two weeks of full-day sessions you will automatically receive a $20 discount. Or, if you register for two weeks of half-day sessions you will receive a $10 discount. This discount can be applied multiple times and can be done in person or online. Qualifying orders will receive the discount upon checkout. 

Registration Pricing (per week) Early-Registration Pricing
$ 90 - Half Day (Member) $ 80 - Half Day (Member)
$ 105 - Half Day (Non-Member) $ 95 - Half Day (Non-Member)
$ 160 - Full Day (Member) $ 150 - Full Day (Member)
$ 175 - Full Day (Non-Member) $ 165 - Full Day (Non-Member)
$ 0 - Extended Hours (AM/PM) $ 0 - Extended Hours (AM/PM)

2018 Pricing Information - Overnight Adventures

Week Event Date Registration Price
Campers Camping Trip June 29 $30 (Member and Non-Member)
Cougar College Experience July 12 $35 (Member and Non-Member)
Campers Commandeer the SRC July 20 $25 (Member and Non-Member)


Registration Options

Cougar Kids Camp provides morning (8:30 am-Noon), afternoon (12:30-4:00 pm), and all-day sessions (8:30 am-4:00 pm) for campers. Prices are discounted when a camper is registered by the early registration deadline or when registering for multiple weeks.



Registration Deadlines


  • Blast from the Past Week - June 16
  • Nature Unleashed Week - June 23
  • Superhero Week - June 30*
  • Mini Cougar Week - July 7
  • Mix It Up Week - July 14
  • Pirates on the Palouse Week - July 21

*Registration fee is prorated for Superhero Week due to the July 4 holiday where there will be no camp.


Early Registration Deadlines (to receive early registration discount)

  • Blast from the Past Week - June 10
  • Nature Unleashed Week - June 10
  • Superhero Week - June 10
  • Mini Cougar Week - July 1
  • Mix It Up Week - July 1
  • Pirates on the Palouse Week - July 1

Registration for Additional Weeks

Parents that would like to register children for additional weeks may do so at the Student Recreation Center, online, by mail, or by phone. Payments by check, cash, Visa, or MasterCard are accepted. Provided registration and payment is completed by the early registration deadline for the desired session, a discount will be assessed for each additional session a camper attends.


Cancellations must be made at the Student Recreation Center or by phone 509.335.2218. If a cancellation notice is received by the Wednesday prior to the applicable session, a refund will be provided. Please allow 3 weeks after the appropriate paperwork has been completed for refunds. University Recreation cannot issue refunds for partial sessions or prorate camp fees for campers who join midweek.

Registration Fees

Payments are required on, or before, the due date to retain a registration for a given session and to receive the early registration discount. Payment must be received at the Student Recreation Center by 11:00 p.m. on payment deadline day. If you have any questions regarding registration fees, please call the camp office at 509.335.2218.

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