ASWSU and University Recreation would like to announce the implementation of 90 minutes of FREE parking at the SRC.  Simply stop by the SRC parking permit vending machine located inside the SRC and follow the on screen instructions to get your first 90 minutes of parking for FREE.  Additional time can be purchased for $.50/hour.  Minimum $1.00 credit card purchase still applies.  Please note, this offer is only valid in the SRC parking lot.  Payment is still required in the Tennis Court Parking lot.

Transportation Services will continue to enforce the SRC parking lot during this time.  A valid WSU permit must be displayed.  Use of the SRC lot is restricted to patrons of the SRC only while using the facility.  Saturday and Sunday will continue be free for as much time as your visit to the SRC.

Getting to the SRC

There are many ways to get to the SRC.  With Sustainability being one of University Recreations main values, we encourage individuals to walk, bike, take public transportation, or carpool to reduce the impacts on the environment.  

From walking or biking one of WSU's many paved and lighted 
paths, to taking public transportation or carpooling with friends, the Student Recreation Center is located between resident halls, college hill and many apartment complexes. Check out some of the specific ways that you can get to the SRC.

Green Bike System

Green Bikes are available to any SRC Member and can be checked out with your CougarCard. Check out the website ( to see available bikes at various docking locations.

Pullman Transit 

Checkout Pullman Transit's website ( for bus routes and schedules. WSU Students, Staff and Faculty can ride the bus by simply showing their CougarCard when boarding the bus.

Women's Transit

Women's Transit is a safety service for WSU students and the Pullman community, offering free rides within Pullman city limits to anyone who feels uncomfortable walking alone at night. Call or Text 978.267.7233 or visit their website ( for more information. Women's Transit only operates during the academic semesters.

Bikes & Skate or Long Boards

The Student Recreation Center has covered bike racks for your convenience.  The SRC also has as a covered skateboard or long board rack where you can check out a lock from our equipment counter to securely store your skateboard or long board.  It is located in between the covered bike racks.

Parking at the SRC

The Student Recreation Center offers a parking lot off of North Fairway Drive.  The lot can be used by any WSU Zone Permit (excluding resident parking passes) or a temporary parking pass can be obtained at the permit vending machine located inside the SRC before the turnstiles.  The first 90 minutes will be free and additional time can be purchased for $.50 per hour.  WSU Transportation Services monitors this lot Monday-Friday.

If the lot is full, overflow parking at the tennis court across the street is available.  This lot is a red lot and required a red pass.  The lot also sells day passes at $.50/hour, howerver, the pass obtained at the SRC Lot does not work at the Tennis Court Lot.

Remember, you can share the ride and share the cost.

Other Free Parking Options

Many patrons choose to utilize free parking options that are available near the SRC.  The Valley Road playfield at the corner of Valley Road and Orchard Drive offers free parking Monday-Friday after 3:00 p.m., however, you will need a WSU pass if you wish to park overnight in that lot.  Another option is to visit the SRC before the hours of 7:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. when the green parking zone on North Fairway Drive do not require permits.  If those spots are taken, the large green lot across from Beasley and Bailey Brayton Field is also an option.  Make sure you read the parking signs to determine if permits are required. 

SRC and surrounding area parking map

ADA Parking

The Student Recreation Center offers ADA parking close to the front of the SRC entrance.  
A valid WSU-issued zone permit displayed with a valid state-issued disability placard or 
disability license plate is required.