Global Campus UFIT 4.0

U-Fit 4.0 Coming Spring 2019

What Is It?

U-Fit 4.0 is a free 9 week exercise program tailored to WSU Global Campus students, designed to improve fitness and grades!  Students participate by using any location to complete our U-Fit 4.0 workout, or their own workout program.  Best of all, two participants will receive a $1,000.00 scholarship given by ASWSU Global.

How to Qualify to Win a Scholarship: 

  1. Students register for the program at ASWSU Global's page on CougSync (students must be currently enrolled as a WSU Global Campus undergrad or grad students).  Note, OMBA and EMBA students are not eligible to register.
  2. Students must be active at least 2 times per week for 6 of the 9 weeks. Students can complete the U-Fit 4.0 Workout plan we’ve created, or they can do their own program.
  3. To receive credit for working out students will fill out a weekly survey that is emailed to all competitors.
  4. At the end of the program students will submit a short essay describing how the program improved their overall wellbeing

The U-Fit4.0 exercise program was constructed to improve several aspects of physical health including: work capacity, heart rate, a range of motion at all major joints, and overall strength. The program will fit any consistent diet plan, whether your goal is to maintain your weight, build muscle or improve fitness. To see program and work out details scroll down.

2017-2018 U-Fit 4.0 Winners

A big congratulations to this years winners, Carina Ocampo and Kimberly Absher.  These individuals showed extreme dedication to the program and moved each of us with their essay submissions.  We hope to see them, and YOU this spring for the U-Fit 4.0 challenge.