U-Fit 4.0 Coming Spring 2019

U-Fit4.0 is a fitness program created by Cougs for Cougs. It is free 9-week exercise program tailored to WSU students. By completing this program and submitting an essay at its conclusion, you could win prizes provided by GPSA! 

The Program 

The U-Fit4.0 exercise program is constructed to improve several aspects of physical health including: work capacity, heart rate, a range of motion at all major joints, and overall strength. The program will fit any consistent diet plan, whether your goal is to maintain your weight, build muscle or improve fitness. To see the program and work out details scroll down.

What is expected? 

In order to be eligible for a prize, you must swipe into any University Recreation facility twice a week, excluding Spring Break. Swipe in locations includes the Student Recreation Center, Down Under Recreation Center, Chinook Student Center or participating in other UREC activities such as Intramural Sports, UREC Group Fitness Classes or Outdoor Trips. In addition to swiping in, you will also need to write a short essay on how the program benefited you. Prizes will include Coug Swag from the Bookie! 

How to Qualify

  1. Register on the GPSA page on Cougsync (must be currently enrolled WSU Pullman grad student)
  2. Be active at least 2 times per week for 6 of the 9 weeks to qualify to win prizes.
    1. You can complete the UFit 4.0 Workout plans we’ve posted or you can do your own workout.
    2. To receive credit for working out, you just need to swipe in to the Student Recreation Center, Down Under Recreation Center or Chinook Student Center weight room, Intramural Sports game, UREC fitness class or Outdoor Recreation Trip.
  3. Submit a short essay to GPSA aand describe how this program improved your wellbeing.

In order to receive credit for your workout, you must swipe in.  Swipe ins and your essay will determine the winners.

2017-2018 U-Fit 4.0 Winners

A big congratulations to this years winners (see below).  All these individuals showed extreme dedication to the program and moved each of us with their essay submissions.  We hope to see them, and YOU this spring for the 4-fit 4.0 challenge.

Maren  Mossman

Erickson Paragas

Wei Ching Liao

Toria Messinger

Na Pang

Samuel Parell

Collier Strenkert

Erika Serrano

Xiangyu Gu

Joy Erlenbach

Cole Mueth

Afsha Tabassum               .

Gina Au

Shima Bahramvash Shams           

Alicia Booth       

Zoe Campbell    

Erica Chandler  

Candace Chappelle         

Xiao Fu

Jenisha Gerard 

Angela Gossom

Pavitra K             

Jianming Kang  

Athena Lemon 

Cristian Olaya    

Brianna Purdy   

Jinlu Shen           

Stephanie Webb             

Dalen Wood