Small Group Training

Small group training offers you a variety of ways to meet your fitness goals. Have you thought about working with a trainer, but prefer working out with other people? Or, do you like that you can offset some of the cost associated with working alongside a personal trainer by training with other participants? Then maybe small group training is for you.


We are a registered national affiliate, Washington State University CrossFit. CrossFit is broad, general, and inclusive fitness that seeks to prepare participants for any physical or unknown contingency. These are CrossFit classes designed for those who are seeking to get fit, have a great time, or even compete in the sport of CrossFit. Our workouts are highly scalable and challenging for all. Daily classes will involve a warm up, a skill or strength portion, and a daily WOD. CrossFit is offered in multiple locations.  Check class schedule for location and times.

WSU CrossFit now offers one, five, or ten punch punch-cards! You may use a punch card for any CrossFit class - any day, any time! If interested in purchasing a punch card, please contact Matt Atwell at

Receive a WSU CrossFit t-shirt when you register for two sections of CrossFit, or one CrossFit class plus one other group fitness class! 

Intro to CrossFit

The Foundations class is our introductory CrossFit class. If you have never participated in CrossFit, this is the class for you. Foundations is a prerequisite for the regular CrossFit classes.

Cougar FITT Club

Focused Informed Team Training. Accomplish your goals this semester by registering for Cougar FITT Club. Teams of four participants will work together in small groups to create dedication, increased knowledge, and ambition to achieve personal goals. Personal trainers will be leading these small groups through 12 weeks of creative fitness programming and nutrition analysis. Also, as a part of this program participants can access a number of workshops on a variety of topics which include: Introduction to foam rolling, running workshops, and how to design your own workout program. CFC is offered in multiple locations.  Check class schedule for location and times.

Women on Weights

Experience the weight room in a non-intimidating atmosphere. In this eight week course designed just for women, you will learn the basics of weight training and the healthy benefits that adding muscle can do for you. Lead by a certified personal trainer, Women on Weights will show you how to lift weights properly and provide an understanding as to why adding strength training to your exercise routine will benefit you.  Women on weights is offered in multiple locations.  Check class schedule for location and times.

For questions about programs, trainers, or personal training programs contact Matthew Atwell at 509.335.6177 or