Green Bike

Stations Available
SRC 0 15 map
Global Scholars 11 0 map
CUB 5 7 map
Hillside 5 6 map
Valley Road 4 10 map
Grimes 2 9 map
Southside 9 2 map
Small CUB 0 7 map
Lower SRC 0 15 map
Stadium Way 2 7 map
Ruby Street Park 1 14 map

The WSU Green Bike program is a bike share system in place to decrease traffic congestion, limit carbon emissions, and encourage health and physical exercise. Bike Sharing is practiced all over the country in many different settings. 

Currently, the WSU Green Bike program has 140 bikes in its fleet. 100 BIXI Green Bikes are available for one day checkouts and can be checked out at the CUB, SRC, Valley Road Playfields, Grimes Playfields, Stadium Way, Ruby Street Park, and Southside, Hillside, and Northside Dining Halls. Our 40 Trek Mt. Bikes and Hybrid Bikes are available to rent from the Outdoor Recreation Rental Shop as well.

Since the system launched, Green Bikes have been checked out 74,000+ times and more than 15,000 unique users have used the bikes!  For more information about BIXI bikes and systems, visit their website  To learn more about the  WSU-Fix it Bike shop and programming click here