General Policies

  • The customer accepts all responsibility for injury, disfigurement, or death from use of rental equipment.
  • The customer has the responsibility to check over equipment and to note any pre-existing problems before leaving with equipment. 
  • Posted written and visual materials explain the proper and safe use of the equipment as needed.  This explanation is not a substitute for training from a certified professional.
  • The Green Bike Manager reserves the right to refuse service.
  • Bikes must be returned to a working station location by midnight on the day of check-out.
  • When returning the bike, dock at a working station, push the bike into the dock until the green light comes on. Light must turn green for bike to be successfully docked.
  • Customers are responsible for following the posted rules and regulations of riding a Green Bike.

Late/Loss/Damages - Fees

  • Equipment returned after the scheduled return date will accrue fees at the rate of $5.00 per day until the bike is returned.
  • The customer will have 10 business days to make full payment of fees from the date notified of fees.  Late fees must be paid at the Outdoor Recreation Center or by phone at 509.335.1892. Delinquent fees will be charged to WSU Student Accounts, if applicable.
  • After 60 days, late fees will cease to accrue. After 120 days the bike will be considered permanently missing and a $600 charge will be assessed.
  • Access to Green Bike usage will be revoked until all fees are paid.
  • Equipment must be returned in working order and with all accessories or a fee will be assessed and charged.
  • Any bike known to be stolen must have a police report filed by person who checked out the bike.
  • Any loss or damage that is present on the equipment once it leaves the Green Bike station is the responsibility of the customer. 


  • Full time WSU students, staff and faculty, and current SRC members with a valid CougarCard are eligible to use the Green Bike system. 
  • There are a few groups on campus who have CougarCards but are not full time students, staff or faculty; if you are having problems checking out a bike, you may not currently meet eligibility.