On April 17, 1902, Washington State College held a track meet for the male students of the four academic classes, thus representing the very first intramural activity. Since then, the program has grown to offer over 75 activities during the year with over 6,000 participants. Playing IM Sports at WSU has truly become an essential part of being a Coug. Join the tradition and come out to get a little exercise, meet new people, and most importantly - have fun!

What are IM Sports?

WSU Intramural Sports provide an environment where students have the opportunity to gather with others and participate in various sport and leisure activities, regardless of skill level. The IM Sports program is comprised of traditional team and individual sports with leagues and playoffs, as well as weekend tournament activities. See our current offerings to find out which sport you’d like to play.

New league options for 2016!

Many of our league sports will now offer Open Leagues. Open Leagues will have no gender restrictions/requirements and will not have rule modifications. Players can now participate in Open Leagues and the other league offerings for each sport. 

We will also be offering Fraternity and Sorority leagues! These leagues will only be offered for selected, non-elite, intramural leagues. Representatives of the sorority or fraternity can register a team using their fraternity or sorority name and then add any/all players from their organization to the team that want to play. The fee is $500/semester for all sports for everyone in the organization on the IFC/PanHellenic roster. Players must be on the official roster registered with the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life in order to play in Fraternity or Sorority Leagues. 

Choosing the Right League

For many sports there are league divisions for Men, Women, Coed, Open, Fraternity, and Sorority. Likewise, there are three Intramural levels. Each league has a different focus so that you can find the league that best suits you. Below are the league descriptions:

Recreational (New to the Sport): The emphasis is on playing. "HAVING FUN"

Competitive (Moderately Skilled): You are invested in determining a champion. "PLAYING HARD"

Elite (Best of the Best): For those that want to compete at the top level. "WINNING BIG"

  • Elite Leagues are only offered for certain sports and provide multiple games a week, statistics, and league prizes for the champions. The cost associated with the Elite leagues is higher than other leagues, however, teams receive more league games.

We strongly encourage all who play Intramural Sports to participate in the appropriate level of play for their skill set.