Locker Info

Lockers in the SRC and Chinook locker rooms are available for purchase by semester or by calendar year. 

  Student:         Non-Student:
  Half Full Half Full
Semester/Summer $20 $30 $30 $45
Annual $40 $60 $60 $90

Purchase or Renew a Locker Now!


  • Lockers at the Chinook will be available in the Men's, Women's and All Gender Locker Rooms
  • WSU Faculty/Staff members may elect to payroll deduct their locker purchase or renewal, as long as they do so at the same time as purchasing or renewing their membership.
  • Both full-size and half-size lockers are available at the SRC only for purchase, depending on availability. If no full-size lockers are available, members can be placed on a waitlist (Please see below for policies).

  • Un-renewed lockers must be cleared out by the given expiration date. Patrons with expiring lockers will be notified at least three weeks in advance via email and locker expiration notice.

  • Items left in expired lockers will be held for 30 days. Any unclaimed items held after 30 days will be discarded. Toiletries are discarded upon clean-out. 

  • University Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen content. University Recreation is also not responsible for content left in expired lockers.

Full-sized Locker Upgrade Waitlist and Policies

  • In order to be placed on the Full-sized locker waitlist, members:
    • Must maintain a current half-sized locker in the SRC or Chinook
    • Must maintain a current UREC Membership
    • Must maintain their contact information on the waitlist through communication with the Membership Office
  • Members on the waitlist will be notified of locker upgrade opportunities via email and phone.
    • Members will have two weeks to respond to messages pertaining to the locker upgrade.

For more information, please contact David Grassi at