Facilities Closed

All recreational facilities including the Student Recreation Center, Stephenson Fitness Center, Faculty/Staff Fitness Program, Playfields, and the Chinook are closed until further notice in accordance with the Governor’s request.


Swim the Pac-12

NOTICE: We have closed registrations for programs that were scheduled to occur while we are closed.  Please check back regularly for updates.  

Participants who enrolled before the March 1 deadline will receive a prize for the distance that they signed up for. Participants who registered for Swim the Pac 12 will be emailed after April 10 about updates to claim their prize.

Swim the Pac-12 is a challenge to motivate swimmers of all levels to move to the pools for fitness. Participants can water walk, aqua-jog, or swim their way through the challenge – the main point is to get in the water and enjoy the benefits of swimming!  You have twelve weeks (January 21 – April 10) to complete any of the routes through the Pac-12.  Distances have been calculated based on general distances from campus to campus.  Participants are responsible for logging their progress in the binders located at each pool.  There are three routes to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

When participants register online by March 1 and track their distances on the sheets provided in each pool, they will receive a prize for each distance they complete.  

Here are the distances: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
                                      25 yards = 5 miles    25 yards = 2 miles     25 yards= 1 mile
WSU to UW – 312 miles 1560 yards 3900 yards 7800 yards
UW to Oregon State – 181 miles 905 yards 2262 yards 4525 yards
Oregon State to Oregon – 107 miles 535 yards 1337 yards 2675 yards
Oregon to Utah- 806 miles 4030 yards 10075 yards 20150 yards
Utah to Colorado- 521 miles 2605 yards 6512  yards 13025 yards
Colorado to Arizona- 925 miles 4625 yards 11562 yards 23125 yards
Arizona to Arizona State- 112 miles   560 yards 1400 yards 2800 yards
Arizona State to USC- 388 miles 1940 yards 4850 yards 9700 yards
USC to UCLA- 14 miles 70 yards 175 yards 350 yards
UCLA to Stanford- 354 miles 1770 yards 4425 yards 8850 yards
Stanford to Cal- 49 miles 245 yards 612 yards       1225 yards
Total Miles – 3769 miles 18845 yards 47110 yards 94225 yards
1 length= 25 yards 753 lengths 1884 lengths 3769 lengths