Awards & Honors

2016-2017 SCF Award Winners

Sport Club of the Year Award   

Women's Lacrosse                  


Sportsmanship Award



Club Member of the Year Award

Kate Lazinger - Women's Lacrosse


SCF Club of the Year

Awarded to the club that best meets the following criteria:

  • Positive representation of WSU, UREC, the individual club, and Sport Club Federation.

  • Compliance with Sport Club Federation policy and procedures

  • Successful and positive club leadership and management

  • Successful recruitment and retention of club members

  • Club fundraising in proportion to overall budget

  • Community service and involvement

  • Campus involvement

  • Positive public visibility

2015-2016: Cougar Crew

2014-2015: Equestrian

2013-2014: Wrestling

2012-2013: Women's Rugby

2011-2012: Women's Rugby

2010-2011: Cougar Crew

2009-2010: Ski

2008-2009: Women's Rugby

2007-2008: Women's Rugby

2006-2007: Cougar Crew & Women's Hockey (tie)

2005-2006: Cougar Crew

2004-2005: Cougar Crew

2003-2004: Cougar Crew

SCF Sportsmanship Award

Awarded to the club that best exhibits sportsmanship which includes:

  • Sportsmanship during practices among teammates

  • Sportsmanship during games/events among teammates and opposing teams

  • Sportsmanship off the field when representing the club at events such as meetings, fundraisers, etc.

  • Positive working relationship with the Sport Club Coordinators and University Recreation

2015-2016: Horse Polo

2014-2015: Women's Ice Hockey

2013-2014: Women's Rugby

2012-2013: Cougar Crew

2011-2012: Horse Polo

2010-2011: Cricket

2009-2010: Wakeboard/Waterski

2008-2009: Women's Rugby

2007-2008: Cougar Crew

2006-2007: Women's Rugby

2005-2006: Horse Polo

2004-2005: Cricket

2003-2004: Fencing

SCF Club Member of the Year

2015-2016: Pulkit Gaur, Cricket

2014-2015: Allison Thomas, Cougar Crew

2013-2014: Shelby Westmoreland, Equestrian

2012-2013: Elyssa Reisman, Horse Polo

2011-2012: Scott Darragh, Men's Hockey

2010-2011: Cameron Stoller, Men's Rugby

2009-2010: Sumeet Dhawan, Cricket

2008-2009: Ranganath Mamidi, Cricket

2007-2008: Erin McDonald, Women's Rugby; Sean Martin, Cougar Crew; Amina Doar, Tennis (tie)

2006-2007: Jessie Hockett, Women's Hockey

2005-2006: Rachel Davey, Women's Hockey