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07 May
by Jasmyn 7. May 2013 08:00
Imagine this—you’re hanging out with your friends on the beach on a hot summer day. Maybe you are grilling, fishing, or lying out and reading a book. Sounds pretty relaxing and pretty typical, right? Or maybe you’re in Pullman for the summer and go to “the Cliffs” (Granite Point) to do some cliff jumping. In both of these situations, and others like them, we often get carried away in having a good time and forget about water safety. Here are some tips to help keep you safe this summer. [More]
06 May
by Michelle A. 6. May 2013 08:00
Ahhh...the lazy days of summer! What do you do with these precious few months off from the stress of school? Do you work, play, plan or do a whole lot of nothing? I don’t know about you but “a whole lot of nothing” sounds nice but is definitely not an option. [More]
03 May
by UREC 3. May 2013 08:00
Well it is that time of the year again when the graduating seniors say their final farewells as they pack up what they called home for the last four or so years and head out into the real world. Sadly, I am one of those graduating seniors that hate to be leaving, but I know that I will be coming back numerous times in the future. [More]
13 April
by Heather Wilson 13. April 2012 18:01
Summer is swiftly approaching and after a cold winter I’m ready for sunshine.  To take ample advantage of the warm weather I have decided to take a different approach to planning my summer activities, I’m making a summer wish list. When summer comes around all I want to do is relax but I’d much rather be hiking, biking or swimming.  Here’s my wish list: Hike Multnomah Falls.  According to Oregon’s website, the difficulty is tailored for two different levels a moderate or difficult hike.  I’ll probably do this on my way to or from Portland because it’s a nice break in a road trip. Camping on the Oregon Coast.  Camping was a staple of my childhood and I want to reconnect.  An article from The Oregonian listed the top 10 tent sites for camping in Oregon.  All of them look beautiful! Bike through Tri-Cities, WA.  I’m from the Tri-Cities and want to explore the area on a bike rather than driving everywhere, the Tri-cities Guide shows different routes. Fishing in North Idaho.  My Grandma lives in Bonners Ferry, ID, when I visit I plan to hike up one of the mountains and fish, while picking huckleberries along the way. At the very least I want to do these four activities and hopefully by the end of the summer I’ve at least doubled that number!  What outdoor activities will you do this summer? Check out the sunny weather in the video below where Megan and I talk about summertime activities.
07 March
by Brant 7. March 2012 23:13
Spring Break is nearly upon us and for many that means vacations to warmer climates. Personally, I will be spending my Spring Break in Arizona enjoying the 80 degree temperature and clear skies. It’s been a long winter full of cold weather and little sun exposure so this is going to be quite the change. Because of this, there are a few things for me to consider regarding my health; anyone planning a trip to a land of sunshine should take note. I plan to spend just about as much time as possible in the sun which means I am going to have to pay special attention to sun screen application. On top of that, I will be making sure that I drink more than enough water to make sure that the dry heat of Arizona does not dehydrate me. Check out this website for more info on proper water consumption: Beyond preparing for the heat and sun, there are couple other aspects of my wellbeing that I plan on watching out for. This is a vacation for me and I am staying in a hotel, I plan on doing everything I can to be financially healthy by avoiding eating at restaurants too many times and taking advantage of cheap healthy food whenever possible. The last thing I want to warn about is general safety. Spring Break can be a time that college students use to cut loose with their friends, but everyone should make sure they are being safe by making sure they designate sober drivers if people plan on drinking. Also, make sure you are respecting your body by always drinking in moderation. If you do have a Spring Break trip planned this year, please be safe and healthy. If your Spring Break plans are spending some quality time at home, make sure you stay active and plan some fun activities with friends and family so that you can make the most out of this quality relaxation time. No matter what your plans are, take advantage of this break so we can all recharge and gear up for the rest of the school year back in Pullman.
24 February
by ORC Gnome 24. February 2012 17:16
The Palouse offers an abundance of outdoor recreation areas and beautiful scenery.  In the past few weeks we have posted blogs about Kamiak Butte and Palouse Falls, this week we will look at one of the best spots close to Pullman, Granite Point, also known as “The Cliffs.”  Located roughly 40 minutes Southwest of Pullman, Granite Point offers different types of outdoor activities that are geared toward summer fun. The area is well known for kayaking, boating, overnight camping on the cliffs and if you dare, jumping off the cliff into the Snake River. Granite Point’s rock is also very well known to climbers as a great boulder to tackle. It offers a handful of sport climbing routes with a wide range of difficulty allowing climbers of all levels to enjoy.  The rock type, in line with the name of the location, is granite, which is the norm for Eastern Washington.   Arguably the most appealing feature of Granite Point is the ability to dip into the Snake River to cool of when climbing in the summer sun. With spring approaching quickly, Granite Point Park and Granite Point’s rock climbing area are two great spots to visit.  
20 October
by ORC Gnome 20. October 2011 21:48
– Learn the tricks of the trade from people who are out in the wilderness. These simple tips will help you become a more proficient and skilled backpacker, climber, skier, and more.   I have gone on two big hikes over the last 10 years. The first hike I did without trekking poles, however I invested in a pair for my second hike. Let me tell you, the poles made all the difference! Trekking poles might see a bit expensive at first; however they are a great investment for any serious hikers. My trekking poles have saved me from many falls and tumbles and help distribute weight beyond my knees. I take my trekking poles on almost all hikes now a ’days.
24 August
by Tim Johnson 24. August 2011 19:36
Backyard Bash 2011 is now behind us and I for one was amazed by the number of students that came out to the Student Recreation Center. People came to try some of the activities provided as well as attempted to win a free Time to Play t-shirt. When there is free food involved I always expect a large number of college students to be nearby, but I was really impressed to see how much participation there was at the various booths set up around the SRC backyard. There was a steady stream of students taking part in the IM Sports events, experiencing the Challenge course and, not to mention, the large group playing sand volleyball on the sunny afternoon.  The atmosphere was truly electric for the entire three hour block thanks in part to Z-FUN 106 who was broadcasting live on the radio from the event all day. Now that the bash has come and gone for another year, I think it is important to look back at what came out of the this day in the sun. One thing is for sure, college students are always up for free food and t-shirts. But more importantly, it is truly up to each of us to decide when it is our time to play.  University Recreation provides some opportunities for us to get out and experience new things, but it is up to us to make the effort to get out and play. We won’t always have the temptation of free food to get us up off the couch and enjoy a day in the sun.
22 August
by Derrick Skaug 22. August 2011 18:14
I personally have only competed in two sports, running and soccer. So, naturally, I decided to register for two five on five teams, a co-ed and men’s team. Intramurals are wonderful because they allow you to not only get a good fun work out in, but spend time with your friends from school. In the past, I have been captain of some good teams getting as far as the semi-finals in soccer. This summer most of my players are out of town, so I decided that I would just ask whoever to play. So, I signed up for the Recreational brackets of both divisions. Our Men’s team played hard, but unfortunately we were edged out and lost 3-4. One of our best scorers, Zak, had all 3 goals, but right near the end of the game our opponents, a team named “Just Epic”, were able to sneak one by. In the Coed game, I twisted my ankle, but not bad enough to stop playing on—just a minor discomfort. On the other hand, Zak, who had just recovered a month or so ago from a snowboarding accident that led to a shattered femur left the game on a bad ankle sprain. Turns out that his ankle sprain was actually a break and he was out for a month. Even though we won easily in our co-ed game 6-2, it became clear that I would need to find more players for my men’s team. Our next game was even more painful for our men’s team. Although the game started close, we were only down 2-4, it ended miserably and we lost 3-10, having the 7 goal mercy rule end the game early to team “S&E”. Our co-ed game was even worse. We were thoroughly dominated by the “Coug City Sounder” 7-0 and also losing by the mercy rule. My teams were struggling. I continued looking to recruit as the players that I had originally recruited to play began to lost interest as we had lost a few games in a row. Luckily I was able to recruit some excited players. In week 2, we were excited to rebound as a few of my Orientation Counselors friends had just gotten in town. We lost our ... [More]
09 August
by Kerri Spangenberg 9. August 2011 15:24
As summers draw to their close I do my best to evaluate how I spent my time. Did I spend ample time with friends and family? Did anything get checked off of my “To Do” list? Was I able to be outdoors? Ultimately, did I take advantage of summer? I am happy to report that this summer was taken advantage of! I had the good fortune to take two family vacations, one to Cameno Island and the other to Bend, OR. At each of these locations, I spent all of my time outdoors. Whether mountain biking, playing putt-putt or getting my butt handed to me on a run with my sister (she is a collegiate soccer player so I didn’t stand a chance!) I was able to be outside. I loved utilizing new locations to do regular activities. Going on a run in a new area can be exciting instead of mundane. And throughout these vacations I was able to be with my family which is such a treat as our family grows older and we go different directions. Getting beaten on a run by my sister has suddenly become a treat, when did that happen?! Now, no one can deny that Pullman did not bring it’s A-game with the weather during May, June and some of July, but regardless I tried my best to be outdoors. I love summers in the Palouse because when you have free time there are options beyond going home at 4 p.m. when it is dark (winter, anyone?). Here in town you can take a walk, play disc golf at Sunnyside Park, pick flowers at Stratton Farm, run on the Chipman Trail, bike to the Farmer’s Market or create a pick-up game of baseball at The City Playfields. These past few months I was able to do all of these things with my friends and so much more. It is the small things throughout the summer that make it great. I was not able to take any “epic” trips and yet, because at the end of each work day I took advantage of what was right here in lil’ ol’ Pullman, I have had a brilliant time. I am not entirely ready for summer to be over, I never seem to be, but I am excited ... [More]


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