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26 August
by Derrick Skaug 26. August 2011 15:54

Students at Washington State University are given the opportunity at the start of the year to receive a free planner from The Bookie. While a planner is a great way to improve time management, decrease stress, and contribute to a better overall wellbeing, I find that written planners are very bad for me.

The problems with written planners are twofold. The first being, it is extremely difficult for me to keep a planner on me at all times. When I find out about an event, a due date, a meeting time, it seems I rarely actually have my planner on me.

My other huge problem is losing the planner. It happens often enough that it doesn’t seem worth it to write my events in a paper form anymore.

Instead, I have switched to using an online calendar; currently I use a Google calendar.

The benefits of an online calendar are wonderful. The most obvious benefit is that an online calendar can be accessed from anything that can connect to the internet, meaning any computer or smart phone. This means that it is impossible to forget or lose, unlike a physical planner. An online calendar can also be used to email or send text messages as reminders.

Another unique benefit of online calendars is you are easily able to share your calendar with others and invite others to events.  This makes coordination much more effective than having to contact each individual about everything written into a personal planner.

After moving to an online calendar I find that I have managed my time much better. At the start of the year, I am able to put all of my assignments due from the syllabus straight into a calendar for all of my classes. Being able to see it all arranged on an hour by hour schedule makes it so much easier to block out my day.

The best perk about an online calendar: I don’t have to try to decipher my horrible hand writing.

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9/7/2011 6:07:49 PM #

Thanks for the comment! That program sounds like another great way to manage one's time. I hope that others try out that program as well.

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