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16 September
by Kerri Spangenberg 16. September 2011 15:15

Emails are a quick and efficient way to keep in touch with co-workers, friends, family and professors. While we are in college it is important to begin practicing good email practices. Their importance in all sectors of the workplace is growing, and as students we need to be prepared for this reality. Businesses estimate that email overload can be the number 1 way co-workers become inefficient. So how do we establish good habits now? The easiest way to begin reforming and developing your email habits is to ask this question: How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? Is it 10? 60? More?

When you have an inbox that takes minutes to scroll to the bottom of, you most likely are going to be missing important emails. Create folders and sub-folders within your inbox to keep the content you are receiving organized. By using these labels consistently you will not only be able to make sure you are responding to emails in a timely manner (no more than 3 days), but you will also be able to recall information at a later date much faster. Emails also have tabs and flags that can be added to an email. Designating them as “Read” “Needs Addressing” “Replied,” etc.  Use these tools to your advantage.

I would challenge you to set aside some time this week to go through your email. Don’t let it be a stress, just commit to doing a chunk of them each day either deleting or labeling and filing them as appropriate.

Now when that job offer comes in an email it will not be lost amidst the other clutter and you will be able to answer “Yes” quickly!


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