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13 January
by Marie Lampert 13. January 2012 20:43

I was forwarded an article about how Yoga helps Breast Cancer survivors with their recovery.  Yoga is often times used as a way to relax from a hectic lifestyle or rehabilitate an injury due to other forms of workout.  So it seems obvious that the combination of relaxation of the mind and body can help cancer survivors deal with their post-battle health issues.  The article written by Andrew M. Seaman stated that a Yoga class in California reported a significant decrease in fatigue after doing three months of a twice-weekly yoga class as opposed to a control group who participated in a different form of workout.  They did not see any change in their fatigue or depression levels.  WSU Nursing professor, Jacquelyn Banasik made an interesting remark about other forms of workout that could achieve the same results.  Gaining a sense of control over one's physical body, when one has a disease like breast cancer, might be an important part of the benefit” stated Banasik.  This shows me that working out on a regular basis not only keeps you physically in shape, but it has many other benefits to your health.

I am an avid runner and my experience has shown me the benefits to not only my physical health, but to my mental health as well.   I find that my day is much more productive when I am able to fit in a morning run.  The truth is getting your heart rate up in a high energy workout releases endorphins which causes feelings of euphoria, also known as the “runners high”.  All in all, I think it’s safe to say that working out has more benefits then you think, don’t forget it!

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