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15 January
by Nathan 15. January 2013 21:06

The final Leave No Trace principle, number seven, is “Be Considerate of Other Visitors.”  This should be common sense for most people, but referring back to Planning Ahead and Prepare, we need to ensure our actions will not negatively impact others or the environment.

Whether you are going out on a hike with a couple of friends or a large group from a school or church, there are many things you can do to be courteous to other visitors.  Splitting large groups into smaller ones is a good idea when in the wilderness because smaller groups can move more quickly, do less damage to the land, are generally quieter and are more maneuverable making it easier to follow this LNT Principle.  Camping in smaller groups requires less area, will generate less noise and is less visually disturbing to the landscape.  Also, setting-up camp 50-100 feet off the trail, and hidden behind foliage, allows other visitors to enjoy the scenery with less visual and auditory pollution.  Ensure pets are trained well enough to be in the outdoors without disrupting the camping experience for your group, or others (and kept on a leash).

Trail etiquette is something many of us are not sure about when coming across other visitors in the wilderness.  Using good judgment is imperative when outdoors, when it comes to courtesy, things should not be different.  Depending on the circumstances and group sizes, yielding etiquette can vary, but usually bikes yield to both hikers and horses, and hikers yield to horses.  These are not hard-and-fast rules, so assess the situation and come up with a logical plausible plan for right-of-way etiquette.

Remember, other outdoor enthusiasts want to enjoy all of the niceties of being in the wilderness, be sure to provide them the same courtesy you would like to be shown. On each overnight Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) Trip, you will learn the principles and, upon completion of the trip, you will earn a LNT Certificate.  To learn more about the LNT Principles, you can visit  For more information on outdoor excursions, visit the ORC website at  We hope you enjoyed this LNT Blog Series, feel free to comment or add tips regarding Outdoor Etiquette.

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