We strive to provide recreational services that have a minimal impact on our environment.  We are inspiring people to not only be happy but to build healthy communities through sustainable practice and education. We know that all Cougs must do their part in determining our future through practices that enhance social, environmental, and economic sustainability.  Following NIRSA's "Valuing Sustainability in Collegiate Recreation" model, our approach to providing service and education prioritizes resource management, minimizing environmental impact, and inclusive spaces to develop community.

Sustainability Statement

University Recreation prioritizes sustainable practices based on Social, Environmental, and Economic criteria to meet the current demand of the WSU Community without compromising the needs and resources of future Cougars.

 Project and Initiative Highlights:

  • Leave No Trace: In partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, participants on Outdoor Recreation trips learn to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Nearly all overnight ORC trips and Eco Adventures include Leave No Trace Awareness education and certification. All ORC programs practice LNT principles to minimize our footprint on the earth.
  • Eco Adventures: outdoor recreation programs joined with ecologically positive action. WSU Eco Adventures promotes sustainable use of the outdoors through modeling positive user relationships with the environment. This program is a collaboration between the Center For Civic Engagement and University Recreation.
  • Transportation Options: The Coug Bikes program was launched in 2018 to replace the Green Bike program which was introduced in 2008.  The Green Bike program had more than 20,000 uses throughout the year. The WSU bike share programs were implemented in order to lower the number of trips made by motorized vehicles on campus, in turn decreasing traffic, carbon emissions, and increasing student health. 
  • Energy Conservation
  • Inclusive Recreation
  • Waste Minimization:
    • Valley Road & Grimes Way Playfield
    • Recycling
    • Maintenance Schedule
    • Purchasing
    • Compost: Taking environmental education and stewardship from the backcountry to everyday responsible living, ORC is WSU's first pilot program to collect compost in a small office.