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We're open!

  • Increased capacity in our workout facilities
  • In-person and online fitness classes
  • Intramural sports, Outdoor Recreation, and open recreation
  • Virtual programming and esports
  • Events, workshops, and clinics

Make a reservation, wear a mask, and complete a daily attestation.


Would you like to have some of your own equipment to use at our facilities? You can purchase various retail items in the SRC at the Service Desk. The list below includes many, but not all items that we carry. 

General Equipment  Weightlifting  Swimming
Pink Gloves Boxing Equipment Gloves Swim Caps
Headphones Jump Rope Ear Plugs
Racquetball Sets Athletic Tape Goggles
Table Tennis Paddles Lifting Straps Nose Clips
Yoga Mats    
Chalk Balls and Bags (for Climbing Wall use only)    
Squash Balls    
Tennis Balls    
Nalgene and Blender Bottles    

*There is a no return policy once you have purchased any of these items. Please contact the SRC for pricing information as we try to continually offer the best prices we can for you.