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Effective Friday, November 20, indoor recreation spaces will be closed in accordance with the Governor's orders. This includes closure of the Student Recreation Center, Stephenson Fitness Center, and Hollingbery Fieldhouse.  The SRC Pool is still open for use.  Reservations are still required to use the SRC Pool
The Chinook will remain open for non-recreation activities only.
The ORC Rental Shop and Valley Road Playfields will operate as normal.  The SRC Backyard and the Outdoor Tennis Courts will be available until 7:00pm each night.


Coming Spring 2021

What is the U-Fit 4.0 Challenge?

U-Fit 4.0 is a fitness and well-being challenge created by Cougs for Cougs. The program is free to join and will only take 9-weeks!  By completing this program and submitting an essay at its conclusion, graduate students will win various prizes provided by GPSA!

What is expected? 

In order to be eligible for a prize graduate students must utilize a UREC facility to complete their workouts, or attend a UREC program at least twice a week (excluding Spring Break).  Locations in which we are able to monitor attendance where competitors can complete their workouts include the Student Recreation Center, Stephenson Fitness Center, and Chinook Student Center.  Additionally, competitors can also attain their attendance rate by participating in other UREC activities such as Intramural Sports, UREC Group Fitness Classes or Outdoor Trips to name a few. Finally, competitors will need to write a short essay (300 words) on how the program benefited effected their overall well-being. 

How to Qualify

  1. Register on the GPSA CampusLabs Page (must be currently enrolled WSU Pullman grad student)
  2. Be active at least 2 times per week for 6 of the 9 weeks to qualify to win prizes.
    1. You can complete the UFit 4.0 Workout plans we’ve posted or you can do your own workout.
    2. To receive credit for attendance, competitors must utilize a UREC facility or program (see above)
  3. Submit a short essay (300 words) to GPSA and describe how this program improved your wellbeing.

In order to receive credit for your workout, you must swipe in.  Swipe ins and your essay will determine the winners.

What is the U-Fit 4.0 Exercise Program?

The U-Fit 4.0 exercise program was constructed to aid competitors by providing them with a weekly workout routine.  The program itself was developed to improve several aspects of physical health including: work capacity, heart rate, a range of motion at all major joints, and overall strength. The program will fit any consistent diet plan, whether your goal is to maintain your weight, build muscle or improve fitness. The program will be posted when the challenge is active.

Orientation Sessions

Competitors are highly encouraged to attend an Orientation Session.  At these sessions a UREC Personal Trainer will give an overview of the program and what is expected of all competitors to win the prizes.  Additionally, trainers will provide various tests that will identify competitors baseline cardiovascular, muscular endurance, and body composition levels.  Throughout the program, and again at the end trainers will provide these tests to allow competitors to see their progress.  This knowledge can be used on the final essay when discussing how the program effected your wellbeing.

Congratulations to all of the 2020 U-Fit 4.0 Winners:

  • Jinlu Shen
  • Candace Chapelle
  • Madison Broers
  • Helen Catanese
  • Tavin Schneider
  • Do-Gyun Kim
  • Zhazira Alisheva
  • Alicia Booth

We hope to see you all, among new competitors next year!