WSU Championship t-shirts are awarded to the winners of all intramural leagues and tournaments. Teams who display excellent sportsmanship are also eligible for shirts.

Summer 2016 Session II Champions 

5v5 Soccer:

  • Open: Sol Warriors FC

4v4 Sand Volleyball:

  • COED: We Dig Sets

Summer 2016 Session I Champions

9v9 Soccer:

  • Men's: Armada FC
  • Open: Cerveceros Futbol Club

2v2 Sand Volleyball:

  • COED: EZ Pass
  • Men's: For the Shirt
  • Open: For the Shirt

Spring 2016 Champions

Floor Hockey:


Cribbage Tournament:

  • Joseph Indeck

Table Tennis Tournament:

  • Tie Wang

Indoor Soccer: 

  • COED – WSU International
  • Men’s - Brazucas
  • Women’s – Fratta Delta

Billiards Tournament:

  • Zack Parkins

4v4 Flag Football:

  • COED – The Vets and the Rooks
  • Men’s Recreation – Short Shorts n Snapbacks
  • Men’s Competitive – Drake’s New Favorite Team
  • Men’s Premier – The Trunk Monkeys


  • COED – 3’s Get Degrees Women’s – Theta
  • Men’s 6 feet – White Chocolate
  • Men’s Recreation – The Dab Five Men’s
  • Competitive – LHL Men’s Premier – Tau

Tuesday’s 3v3 Basketball:

  • Grand Theft Rondo

4-Person Golf Scramble:

  • Srixon Balls

4v4 Flag Football:

  • Coed: The Vets and the Rooks
  • Men’s Premier: The Trunk Monkeys Men’s
  • Competitive: Drake’s New Favorite Team Men’s 
  • Recreational: Short Shorts n Snapbacks

6v6 Volleyball:

  • Coed Competitive: Volleyball Monstars
  • Coed Recreational: Practice Safe Sets
  • Men’s Open: June Sterling
  • Women’s Open: Recreational Hazard

9v9 Soccer:

  • Coed: M.W.A.
  • Men’s Competitive: Al Sultan’s Knights
  • Men’s Recreational: LCA Retirement Home


Bowling Tournament:

  • Team: Kuehner & Indeck
  • Individual: Nicholas James


  • Coed: Lybecker
  • Men’s: Scooter Squad

Sand Volleyball Tourny:

  • Coed: Skies Out Thighs Out


  • Coed: Dingers
  • Men’s Premier: Bottom of the Fifths Men’s
  • Competitive: BETA
  • Men’s Recreational: Saucy Boy City

Spike Ball Tournament:

  • Alpha

Tennis Tournament:

  • Men’s Singles: Benjamin Mietzner

Ultimate Disc:

  • Coed: IntraMural Disc Disease
  • Men’s: Flat Ball is Life