Safety Training for Swim Coaches (In-Water Skills Session)

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Schedule Sat 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Smith Gym Room 77 (Pool)

Registration: Dec 1 2022 - Apr 20 2023

Class Dates: Apr 22 2023 - Apr 22 2023

Registration Closed


Are you currently a swim coach or interested in becoming one? Take the American Red Cross Certification course now through UREC at Washington State University! This course teaches those involved in competitive swimming how to help maintain a comfortable and safe environment for swimmers, prevent accidents and emergencies and respond to swimmers with illnesses or injuries in water or on land. ***You will need to bring your valid government-issued form of identification. This will be verified by the instructor prior to the course start. We can not submit a course record for your renewed certification without verifying your identification.*** Prerequisite: *Minimum age of 15 on or before the last day of the scheduled class. *There are no skill prerequisites to enroll in the Safety Training for Swim Coaches Blended Learning course. However, because there is an in-water skills session, participants must be comfortable in chest-deep water. The Blended Learning version of the course is designed to be taught in approximately 6 hours. Online time: 3 hours and 3 hours of facility time. In order to completely enroll in this course, you must also register at the website below and complete the online content before the in-water skills session. Certification Requirements: Attend the entire course, participate in all skill sessions, demonstrate competency in all required skills. The practice sessions will require some strenuous physical activity. You are encouraged to check with your healthcare professional before participating in the practice sessions. If a medical condition or necessary accommodation exists that might prevent participation in the activities, or there are questions about fully participating in the Lifeguarding course, please contact the Coordinator, Aquatics and Safety Education, Jared Lindorfer at or 509-335-5407 prior to the course. Upon successful completion of the Safety Training for Swim Coaches in Water Skill Session, each participant will receive an American Red Cross universal certificate, which is valid for 2 years and will be titled Safety Training for Swim Coaches In-Water Skills Session.