Color Me Coug 5K

Sunday, August 20 

We’re bringing fun to your run in our fifth annual Color Me Coug 5K!  Run, jog or walk your way through a 5K that includes color stations, places where we’ll send a rainbow of colored cornstarch into your path.  Start in your Color Me Coug white t-shirt and finish wearing a vibrantly colored masterpiece!  This run is untimed, so don't worry about how fast your mile pace is - we win because we have fun when we run.

This run is open to everyone who is seven years of age and older.  Due to large crowds expected and the color in the air, we cannot allow strollers, dogs or iPods on the course.

Registration can be completed online here.  You can also register in person at the Student Recreation Center.  

Registering a group (departments, student groups, etc.) - If you would like to register a group (five or more), contact Melissa at 509.335.6639.

Volunteers: Color Me Coug 5K needs volunteers to assist with course setup, management and cleanup as well as assist with the lovely and fun task of distributing color on the runners and walkers. Please click here to register as a volunteer.

Course Route: The Color Me Coug 5k route will take place on the campus of Washington State University. Participants will begin their colorful journey on South Fairway Playfield and end there as well. Parking in the Red lot behind the Indoor Practice Facility will be the closest option to park. Please do not park in the South Fairway Blue lot as we will be distributing color there. For a map of the route, please click here.


What is this "color"?

The color is a non-toxic, non-rash-inducing mixture of corn-starch and color.  No long-lasting health effects other than happiness...we should know, we’ve done this before.

Other things you might do:

  • Wear close toed shoes (ok, this is required)
  • Wear clothes (as is this one)
  • A bandana or mask would be fine if you are worried about eating too much corn starch, but who doesn’t want their teeth to be multi-colored?
  • If you have light colored or bleached hair – we suggest putting leave in conditioner in your hair prior to the race so it doesn’t stain your fabulous hair!  No need to explain why you have shades of blue, green, orange, pink or any other shade of funky color in your hair to your boss! 

Is there an age limit?

Yes, seven and up.  Participants under the age of 14, must have a parent or guardian participating.  Everyone must sign a waiver…no IF’s, no AND’s and no BUT’s about it.

What can't I bring?

  • Pets…sorry Spike.
  • No strollers/wagons-children participating must be able to finish the race on their own.
  • No iPods…no distractions, especially from our choice in tunes!

Is the race refundable?

Yes, Sometimes, Maybe. Refund requests received by August 9 will be awarded a 100% return rate. After this date, refunds will no longer be available. If you need to submit a refund request, you can contact Cande Hasenoehrl at

How do I sign up?

Here! Or you can sign up the day of at the race – but you may not get the shirt size you want, the lines might be long, and really it would just be better to take care of it here.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, of course you do. Although we think this is pretty safe, we want to cover our bases. Waivers will be signed online when you sign up.  Paper copies will be available at check-in when you pick up your sunglasses and shirt.

In the event of bad weather...what do I do?

Put on a happy face and come on down! Rain will make the color more vibrant! In case of lightening, we will postpone. We want our colors to be electrifying, not you.

Is there anything else I need to do for my body in preparation for this awesome race?

No preparation is necessary.  This is a color run, not an Iron Man.  You walk, run, prowl, or  hop your way through the course at your very own pace.  However, stretching is always a good idea.  An even more awesome idea is registering and participating in the course with one, two, or three (or more) friends! 

What happens at the finish line?

Every 10–15 minutes participants  at the finish line will grab their Color Packets and toss ‘em, rip ‘em, chunk ‘em in the air or at each other until you are COMPLETELY colored and brighter than a rainbow!  Yes, we will have music that will welcome you to the finish line as well as accompanying the tossing, ripping, chunking (or however you see fit) of MORE color!  We encourage our Color me Cougs to cheer each other on, welcome each other to the finish line and of course take pictures while you admire your coloring.  Hugs and high fives are highly encouraged, yet solely the individual’s decision.

How do I get clean?

With soap, water, shampoo, and a little bit of patience!  After the race, it is recommended to shake and dust off as much of the color as possible out of your hair, teeth, clothes and shoes. Then head towards the nearest sprinkler (or your shower) to get the rest off. A little water and soap should do the trick.

To keep facilities clean (and not clog our drains with 600 people worth of color) we ask that Color me Coug participants do not shower at the SRC.

Where do I park?

Participants in the Color Me Coug 5K are encouraged to walk, run or ride their bikes to participate in the event. A limited amount of parking will be available in the Red Lot behind the indoor practice facility on Ferdinand's Lane. This will provide a short walk up the hill to the start line at South Fairway Playfield

Is the run timed?

Nope.  We just want you to come out and have fun! However, we will probably want to go home before dark, so any pace less than five hours would be super!

What do I get with my registration?

Besides the pure joy of hanging out with 600 of your closest fellow participants? You will receive a white Color Me Coug shirt, which you can save for later – leaving it pristine, OR you can wear your shirt on race day to catch the glorious color. We will also be providing some sweet sunglasses to help protect your beautiful eyes. AND you will receive your very own color packet, for which you will be solely responsible for—do with it what you please and use wisely.

**T-shirts will only be given to the first 500 registrants so get your registration in now!

How does it work?

First, you will check in at the South Fairway Parking Lot to get your shirt, sunglasses and race information. Second, make your way to the starting line on the field.  Third, when will start your engines (those are your legs, of course).  Fourth, have a colorfully fun time making your way through the WSU Color me Coug 5k course.  Fifth, end up at the finish line, colored from head to toe and everywhere in between! 

Ok I've what?

You will receive an email the Friday before the race with pertinent information for the race (what to wear, what to bring, etc.). Other than that you just need to show up before 9:00 a.m. on race day at the South Fairway parking lot. There will be a registration table in front of the South Fairway building where you will be able to pick up your shirt, sunglasses, and heat time. Heats will be determined as people show up (the earlier you get there, the earlier you run) but you can expect to be running by 9:40 a.m. at the latest. Other than that you are good to go. We will see you Sunday!