Women's Deadlift Competition

Women’s Deadlift Competition

Women in Recreation Month at the SRC will host its second in-house Women’s Only Deadlift Competition on February 8, 6:00pm-7:30pm.


  • WILK scores will be used to weigh.
  • Accessories – Allowed: belt, chalk. Not allowed: wrist wraps (bar wraps).
  • Clothing – t-shirt and pants/shorts, tall socks preferred, shoes required.


  • “Approach” – the bar is loaded and the participant may approach the bar. They are allowed a few seconds to set-up and lift the weight.
  • “Down” – when the judge feels that the participant has reached full extension they will say “down,” and then the athlete can lower the weight to the ground controlled
  • “Good” or “no” – determines if the lift was a success or not from the judges perspective.

On the day of the event participants will sign in, weigh in, and then go over the itinerary. After the “run-down,” participants are given 15 minutes to warm-up and to give judges their first attempt weight. This will determine the order the participants will go in, and this order will remain the rest of the competition.

Participants are allowed three attempts in total. If they do not successfully lift a weight they are not allowed to decrease, so planning strategically is recommended. On an attempt, the participant will be alerted when they are allowed to approach the bar. From that moment on they will have a few moments to set up and actually attempt to life the weight. Once they stand up they must wait for the command from the judge to lower the bar, and from there they will be notified if the lift was successful or not. After the attempt the lifter must go to the table (to be determined) to submit their weight they will attempt next, and wait until it is their turn.

After every lifter has gone through their three attempts the highest weight each person successfully lifted will be taken with their weight to calculate a WILK score. The top three scores will be announced and awarded.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Whitt at Jessica.whitt@wsu.edu.