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Awards & Honors

2018-2019 SCF Award Winners

Sport Club of the Year Award   

Ski Team                


Sportsmanship Award

Cougar Crew


Club Member of the Year Award

Shaelyn Huot, Tennis


SCF Club of the Year

Awarded to the club that best meets the following criteria:

  • Positive representation of WSU, UREC, the individual club, and Sport Club Federation.

  • Compliance with Sport Club Federation policy and procedures

  • Successful and positive club leadership and management

  • Successful recruitment and retention of club members

  • Club fundraising in proportion to overall budget

  • Community service and involvement

  • Campus involvement

  • Positive public visibility

2017-2018: Women's Rugby

2016-2017: Women's Lacrosse

2015-2016: Cougar Crew

2014-2015: Equestrian

2013-2014: Wrestling

2012-2013: Women's Rugby

2011-2012: Women's Rugby

2010-2011: Cougar Crew

2009-2010: Ski

2008-2009: Women's Rugby

2007-2008: Women's Rugby

2006-2007: Cougar Crew & Women's Hockey (tie)

2005-2006: Cougar Crew

2004-2005: Cougar Crew

2003-2004: Cougar Crew

SCF Sportsmanship Award

Awarded to the club that best exhibits sportsmanship which includes:

  • Sportsmanship during practices among teammates

  • Sportsmanship during games/events among teammates and opposing teams

  • Sportsmanship off the field when representing the club at events such as meetings, fundraisers, etc.

  • Positive working relationship with the Sport Club Coordinators and University Recreation

2017-2018: Women's Lacrosse

2016-2017: Cricket

2015-2016: Horse Polo

2014-2015: Women's Ice Hockey

2013-2014: Women's Rugby

2012-2013: Cougar Crew

2011-2012: Horse Polo

2010-2011: Cricket

2009-2010: Wakeboard/Waterski

2008-2009: Women's Rugby

2007-2008: Cougar Crew

2006-2007: Women's Rugby

2005-2006: Horse Polo

2004-2005: Cricket

2003-2004: Fencing

SCF Club Member of the Year

2017-2018: Ian David, Tennis

2016-2017: Kate Lazinger, Women's Lacrosse

2015-2016: Pulkit Gaur, Cricket

2014-2015: Allison Thomas, Cougar Crew

2013-2014: Shelby Westmoreland, Equestrian

2012-2013: Elyssa Reisman, Horse Polo

2011-2012: Scott Darragh, Men's Hockey

2010-2011: Cameron Stoller, Men's Rugby

2009-2010: Sumeet Dhawan, Cricket

2008-2009: Ranganath Mamidi, Cricket

2007-2008: Erin McDonald, Women's Rugby; Sean Martin, Cougar Crew; Amina Doar, Tennis (tie)

2006-2007: Jessie Hockett, Women's Hockey

2005-2006: Rachel Davey, Women's Hockey