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University Recreation and Chinook facilities are currently limited. View available facilities and make a reservation.

Students must show proof of arrival COVID-19 test to use University Recreation facilities or in-person programming.
All guests must:
  • Show completed attestation
  • Wear a mask in all indoor spaces except while in the water at the pool
  • Make a reservation ahead to use indoor spaces


Below are the total amounts each club charged for annual individual member dues in 2018-2019. Amounts are subject to change for 2019-2020. 

Badminton $75.00
Baseball $500.00
Bowling  $650.00
Crew  $950.00 
Cricket  $200.00 
Cycling  $50.00 
Equestrian  $1,000 
Fencing  $200.00 
Horse Polo  $800.00 
Men's Ice Hockey  $1,500.00 
Men's Lacrosse $2,000.00
Women's Lacrosse $250.00
Men's Rugby $350.00
Ski $600.00
Men's Soccer $130.00
Women's Soccer $300.00
Fastpitch Softball $225.00
Swim $220.00
Tae Kwon Do $100.00
Tennis $200.00
Ultimate $10.00
Men's Volleyball $500.00
Women's Volleyball $450.00
Wrestling $250.00