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Student Development Grant Program

Spring 2020 Student Development Grant Application Priority Deadline: Monday, January 20th, by midnight e-mailed to your supervisor's inbox.

UREC student staff members are encouraged to expand their skills, job knowledge, and certifications through professional development workshops, trainings, and conferences.  Beginning spring semester of 2004, the Student Development Committee has been administering a Student Grant Program that has been awarded to over 120 students with awards totaling over $35,000 to date. Over 30 unique certifications, trainings, or conferences have been attended by UREC student staff.

Take advantage of the development grant by clicking on the Grant Application below. Be sure to read all of the instructions and eligibility statements.

Download Grant Application

Program Guidelines

  • Grant applications must be submitted prior to the activity date. Retroactive grants will not be considered.
  • Grant funding is available for workshop/certification registration only. Travel, food, lodging, textbooks or other materials not included.
  • Applicant must be a currently enrolled full-time student employed with University Recreation.
  • Decisions regarding grants will be made by the Student Development Committee based on their application and their supervisor's recommendation.
  • A maximum of 80% of activity/registration cost will be awarded per application.
  • Students are eligible to receive a maximum of $400 per semester.
  • Graduating Seniors are eligible to receive a maximum of $200.
  • To be considered for the maximum percentage award of 80%
    • Grants must be submitted and approved during the activity/course/conference early registration period. Grants submitted after the early registration deadline will only be eligible to receive a maximum of 80% of the early registration cost.
  • Students receiving funding must demonstrate benefit to UREC as designated by the Grant Committee and/ or supervisor. If criteria outlined in "Staff Grant Agreement" are not met, staff must repay grant amount or their student account will be charged. Criteria may include working a designated number of hours, delivery of a staff training program, or other activity determined by supervisor.
  • Activities/courses resulting in a certification will only be awarded grant funding upon successful completion of the certification test. Students have two months to retake the certification test and pass with success before their grant award is retracted.

Application Process:

  1. Submit the application to your supervisor via email by the priority deadline, the Monday of WEEK TWO of the Academic term. Grants submitted after the priority deadlines are considered if funds are still available
  2. Your supervisor will document the agreement terms in their section of this application. Your supervisor will complete their portion of the application and forward to the Student Development Committee.
  3. The Student Development Committee will review your grant application. You should receive an email confirming a grant award/denial within two business days of being reviewed by the committee.   
  4. Grant awardees will then discuss with their supervisor the criteria to be outlined in the "Staff Grant Agreement."    

Grants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • 50 pts. - Area Manager Needs
  • 20 pts. - Current Manager Reference
  • 30 pts. - Student Development Committee Review of Application

Grant Acceptance Process:

  1. Upon receiving a grant award, you need to connect with your immediate supervisor or the UREC staff member identified in your grant award confirmation email to complete the Staff Grant Agreement form. By signing the Grant Agreement form, you are agreeing to the criteria outlined in the document. If the criteria are not met by the identified deadline, your student account will be charged the grant award amount.
  2. University Recreation would prefer to register you directly for the class, training, etc. and then have you write a check to University Recreation for your portion of the total cost. Please discuss the steps in this process with your supervisor.
  3. If you paid for the event/training upfront, you must provide copy of the activity registration along with a receipt within 10 business days of completion of the event to receive grant funding. After the 10 day period, the grant funds are retracted and placed back into the general grant fund.
  4. All staff that receive grants and are traveling outside of Pullman must be put on a Travel Authority.  Your Supervisor can initiate this process.

Tips for Grant Applications

  • Write your responses in another word document prior to filling out the form. It is easier to proofread and catch mistakes.
  • Talk to you supervisor! About the training/course, your performance and the terms of the grant.
  • Ask for help. Have a friend, family member or coworker help you proofread and edit.
  • If your supervisor is out, or you receive an out-of-office reply, please forward to the next appropriate professional staff member or graduate assistant.