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History of UREC

The SRC became a student issue in the spring of 1996 when the student body president at the time had high interest in building a facility solely dedicated to the recreational needs of WSU students. A task force was then formed to determine the feasibility of the project, and with overwhelming student support the idea of the Student Recreation Center was put to a vote to determine if students were willing to pay fees for such a facility.

The vote passed with a 64 percent approval of a mandatory WSU fee to finance the construction and operation of the SRC. Program and pre-design planning began immediately.

Today, a University Recreation Advisory Board ensures that University Recreation and the Student Recreation Center offer an open and diverse range of programming and services to all students. The Board consists of 16 voting seats, 11 of which are students. Hundreds of students were, and continue to be, involved in the SRC project through their participation in focus groups, committee meetings, telephone surveys, and other means of direct input.  Visit the UREC Board webpage if you are interested in becoming a member.