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Climbing Wall

Welcome to the WSU Climbing Wall page. In this small corner of the University you'll find all the info you need if you're curious about Climbing.

In accordance with state COVID guidelines, a reservation is required to climb at the wall. Click here to make a reservation.

Note: The Climbing Wall will be closed March 27-March 31 as our staff clean and reset the entire wall for April's month-long Pullman Pulldown Bouldering Competition.

Right now, you can:

  • Boulder
    • No ropes, no gear. Just you and the wall. One of the simplest forms of climbing, yet a new way to challenge yourself. You'll be surpised to see how much you can push your self while bouldering and working on our bouldering problems. 
  • Top Rope (Using our AutoBelays) 
    • You, the wall, your autobelay, and your harness. There is an awesome feeling you get once you've conquered a wall and a route. In this form of climbing you can rent equipment from our service desk and try a different diciplin of climbing. While bouldering a is a bit more strength intensive, Top Rope climbing is more endurance and will. You can climb to the top of our 32' wall one step at a time. 
  • Hangboard
    • A practice tool for you to hone your strength. Climbing stress our fingers, so please allow our staff to help guide you on using the hangboard and pushing your skills.
  • Ice Climb (Gym)
    • The mechanics for Ice Climbing and Rock Climbing can be surprisingly similar. Sure, the environment is different, but the thrill is much the same. At our wall you can use our gear to help you explore what it would feel like to be ice climbing. Just ask the Climbing Wall staff and They'll point you in the right direction.    

Down the Road we hope to re-open: 

  • Top Roping 
    • Top roping usually uses ropes, but right now we are holding off on using gear we cannot sanitize. That doesn't mean you're out of luck for this form of climbing. Our Autobelay will fill the top-roping void, while the promise of roped climbing patiently awaits. 
  • Lead Climbing 
    • Lead Climbing is the discipline that follows Top Roping. Rather than having the rope above you at all times, this discipline relies on you clipping your rope as you go. You get use our ropes and gear while you work on perfecting your skills and maybe transition to the outdoors. 

The Climbing Wall is offering a mix of programs this Spring in an effort to keep you engaged, learning, and stoked for climbing. Some of our programming will be in the form of on-site clinics, just like you're used to. Some will be online, via Zoom, teaching you new skills and helping you refine old ones. ALL programming will abide by physical and social distancing measures, as recommended by the CDC, and it is our priority to keep our UREC family safe.  

In order to climb at WSU's climbing wall, we ask that you read and adhere to all policies.


 Check out what we have to offer! 

Climbing Wall Instructor Course

5/20/21 - May 21
[W Thrs F] 8:00 a.m.
May 20 - May 21 in SRC Climbing Wall
Registration Ended 5/14/21
Program rating is level 3. Cancelation Policy: In order to minimize our environmental impact, maintain facilitator-to-participant ratios, meet permit criteria, and transportation logistics, ORC programs are designed for small groups (typically up to 6 participants with 2 facilitators). Late cancellations can seriously impact our ability to accommodate others and recover costs. • Cancellations made up until 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline will receive a full refund. • Cancellations made within 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline receive 50% refund. • Sorry, no refunds are given past the registration deadline. Prerequisite: A Current UREC Belay Qualification The ability to competently put on harness and tie in appropriately with ease and belay with an aperture belay device (an ATC for example) and an assisted locking device (A GriGri for example) in a competent manner. A level of experience showcasing skills developed from regular climbing for 2 – 3 years or a high level of climbing in the past 6 months. Demonstrate top roping 5.8 on an artificial climbing wall without resting or stopping. A current UREC Lead Qualification or the ability and skills to lead climb (Preferred).