UREC Training & Certification programs offer over 75 non-credit activities per year including multiple-week classes and one-day workshops in a variety of disciplines. Training and Certification programs differ from traditional sports programming and often vary in type, size, and duration.

Expand your horizons and become certified in first aid, CPR, lifeguarding, or prepare to be a personal trainer, fitness instructor, adventure facilitator, challenge facilitator, or climbing wall supervisor. 

Training and Certification Classes Offered:

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  • Challenge Facilitator:

    We offer two types of training through the challenge program. Both are for the Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1). 

    The Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1) - Low only

    20-hour training includes experiential education theory, facilitation practice, and lots of activities to do with your groups.
    Sponsorships are available for prospective University Recreation staff members

    The Challenge Course Practitioner, Level 1 (CCP1) - Low/High 

    40-hour training includes all subjects from low only training, as well as inspecting, belaying, and running high elements.
    Sponsorships are available for prospective University Recreation staff members


    The training runs congruently and follows the standards as set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). They are designed for the beginner facilitator and cover frontloading, debriefing, and sequencing of activities. The technical skills covered in this training include spotting, belaying, access climbing, and gear inspections. At the end of the training, you will have a wide repertoire of activities that you can lead on or off the challenge course. The last day of the course includes testing. Participants who successfully complete the training and testing will be offered a certificate of completion. This training is not a guarantee for employment with the UREC Challenge Program but is required to be hired.

    Disclaimer: This training offers a WSU-wide qualification rather than a certification. Ropes course managers taking this course will not be provided with a certification in CCP1, as WSU is not a Professional Vendor Member through ACCT.  

    Potential University Recreation Employment Opportunities:

    If you are interested in working for UREC as a Facilitator or wanting the experience for professional/leadership development, please submit a resume, trip log/outline of outdoor experience, and cover letter to kelsey.gump@wsu.edu. We will then review the application material and send the registration link to those who are selected. Participation in the course does not guarantee employmen

  • First Aid/CPR/AED:

    Help save a life! Learn the skills necessary to recognize and respond to emergency situations until emergency services arrive. Class will include hands-on practice and instruction to ensure confidence in a real world setting. 

  • Fitness Instructor:

    Are you interested in becoming a UREC Group Fitness Instructor? If so, our Fitness Instructor Training (FIT) course is your first step to teaching group classes and inspiring active, healthy living.

    Our FIT course is a combination of lecture and practical application that will cover the basics of group exercise instruction including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise selection, choreography, injury prevention, cueing, and much, much more!

  • Swim Coaches Certifications- Lifeguard and Safety Trainings:

    Let the UREC Aquatic staff help you accomplish your goals of obtaining a variety of certifications.   

    Learn how to effectively prevent and respond to water emergencies with the American Red Cross lifeguard training. Our courses are designed to arm you with the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a variety of scenarios in and around the water. With our lifeguard training, you will learn how quick response times and effective preparation are vital to being a lifeguard while also understanding the crucial elements in helping to prevent drownings and injuries.

  • Backcountry Travel and Leadership:

    If you’re an outdoor enthusiast interested in developing your outdoor leadership skills, this course is for you. During this multi-day, professionally instructed and administered course, participants will embark on a season-specific backcountry adventure where they will learn the skills necessary to safely and successfully facilitate outdoor activities.

  • Climbing Wall Instructor Course:

    Learn to be a climbing wall instructor! Want to take your climbing experience to the next level and start applying it professionally? This is the course for you!

  • Wilderness First Aid:

    Come learn Wilderness First Aid instructed by the Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI). This course features hands- on curriculum focusing on real world application/scenarios to better prepare you for your outdoor adventures.

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