Personal Training can help you reach your goals

UREC personal trainers will provide you with an individualized workout program while educating you on fitness concepts to ensure your success in the future.  It doesn't matter what your current fitness level or individual goals are, UREC personal trainers are here to help. And with multiple locations on campus and online/remote training options, attending personal training sessions is easier than ever. 

Appointments and Pricing
Appointments and Pricing

You get a complimentary (free) goal session with a purchase of Personal Training sessions. 

Meet Our Trainers
Meet Our Trainers

Pick the trainer that is right for you and your goals.

UREC's personal trainers can offer exercise programs for:

  • Increasing muscle mass, strength and power.
  • Increasing muscular and/or cardiovascular endurance
  • Achieving safe and effective weight loss
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility 
  • Improving speed and agility
  • Event Training (Olympic weightlifting, marathon, power lifting, triathlon, CrossFit etc.)
  • Improving overall health and lifestyle


Additionally, personal trainers can help you with:

  • Ensuring proper form, safe warm-ups, and cool-downs
  • Functional strength & conditioning 
  • Injury mitigation
  • Overcoming plateaus 
  • Instructing on unique/novel fitness concepts
  • Exercise ideas for home or travel
  • Addressing general fitness questions 
  • Periodization (long term performance improvements)