• Do students have access to UREC facilities?

    Undergraduate students enrolled in seven or more Pullman based credits have access to the Student Recreation Center, the Stephenson Fitness Center and the Chinook Student Center. Their membership is based on the semester in which their student fees are paid.  Students enrolled in fall have access beginning August 15th.    

    Graduate/Professional students have access to the Student Recreation Center and the Stephenson Fitness Center. Their membership is based on the semester in which their student fees are paid. Graduate/Professional students may purchase a semester membership to the Chinook Student Center.

    Part-time students (six credits or less) may purchase semester memberships to the SRC and/or Chinook. 

    Membership dates are as follows:

    • Fall - August 1 through December 31
    • Spring - January 1 through May 15
    • Summer - May 1 through August 15
  • Who can purchase memberships for UREC facilities?

    UREC offers a variety of membership options to our Faculty/Staff members and Alumni Association members. The following guidelines will help you determine your eligibility for a UREC Membership:

    • Faculty/Staff- Current and retired Faculty/Staff members are eligible for Semester and Annual Memberships.
    • Alumni Association Members- Current members of the WSU Alumni Association are eligible for Semester and Annual Memberships
    • Additional Members- Additional memberships are available to spouse/partners of WSU students, Faculty/Staff and Alumni Association Members on a semester and Annual basis.

    Prices vary dependent on the facility for which the membership is purchased. Annual memberships are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase. Semester memberships are as follows:

    • Fall - August 1 through December 31
    • Spring - January 1 through May 15
    • Summer - May 1 through August 15
  • Which facility do I have access to?

    UREC proudly offers memberships for all of our eligible members to one or all of our facilities. The following membership options are available:

    • Student Recreation Center (SRC) Memberships- These memberships provide access to the SRC and Stephenson Fitness Center only.
    • Chinook Student Center Memberships- These memberships provide access to the Chinook Student Center only. 
    • SRC/Chinook Bundled Memberships- Purchase both memberships at the same time for a discounted price.
    • NOTE: SRC members are eligible to purchase fitness classes at the Chinook and Chinook members are eligible to purchase fitness classes at the SRC. Class prices are increased to accommodate access to the facility for the class.  Access is granted with your Cougar Card or Hand Scanner 20 minutes prior to the fitness class start time.
  • Can I become a member if I am a part-time student, taking a semester off or a recent graduate?

    Yes, you can. We allow all part-time and interim students to purchase a membership at the student rate.  Students taking a semester off are eligible for a membership at the student rate during the semester immediately following their last enrollment. Recent graduates are eligible for a membership at the student rate during the semester immediately following their graduation from WSU. After that, you are considered an Alumni and are eligible for the Alumni Membership rates.

  • Are Graduate Students members?

    Graduate Students who are taking seven or more credits are assessed the SRC mandatory student fee and therefore, have access to the SRC and Stephenson Fitness Center. Graduate Students will not be assessed the Chinook mandatory student fee and must elect into a membership for the Chinook Student Center in order to gain access to the facility.

  • Can I purchase a membership if I am not a student, Faculty/Staff or Alumni of WSU?

    Yes, you simply need to join the WSU Alumni Association ($50 annually). Once you have purchased this membership, you are eligible for the UREC Alumni Membership

  • Can I have my membership fees payroll deducted?

    Yes, all full-time, 12-month appointment WSU employees are eligible to payroll deduct a University Recreation membership under the following guidelines:

    • Semester memberships may only be deducted from one paycheck.
    • Annual memberships can be deducted from 1, 12, or 22 paychecks. 

    Please note, all full-time WSU employees with an appointment less than 12 months are eligible to payroll deduct the SRC membership from either 1 or 12 checks.

  • Do I need a CougarCard to enter UREC Facilities?

    Yes, a Cougar Card is required for entry each time a member visits the SRC, Chinook Student Center and Stephenson Fitness Center. Individuals may also opt in to our BioMetric Hand Scanner in lieu of swiping your Cougar Card.  Hand scanner readers are available at the SRC and Chinook.  If you do not have a Cougar Card at the time of your membership purchase, one must be obtained within one week of the membership purchase date. You can learn more about the card options available to you by visiting the Cougar Card Center.

  • Can my spouse/partner join UREC?

    Yes, University Recreation offers memberships to spouses/partners of current WSU students and faculty/staff as well as our alumni members.

    • To be eligible as a faculty/staff or student spouse/partner, the other spouse/partner must be affiliated with WSU (current student or employee).
    • To be eligible as an alumni spouse/partner, the other spouse/partner must be a current UREC member in that category.

    For further clarification, contact David Grassi at david.grassi@wsu.edu.

  • Are there weekend passes or special discounts for family members or guests?

    Yes, members, both student mandatory and purchased, may bring guests to UREC Facilities with the purchase of a $6 guest pass. Special Event Weekend Passes are sold during Special Event Weekends such as home football game weekends in the fall. These passes are just $12 and good for entry Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on those specific weekends only. Passes may be purchased at the SRC Membership Desk and the Chinook Student Center Membership Desk.  Individuals not arriving with a guest can purchase a Day Pass for $10.  Passes are currently unavailable at this time.

  • When may I bring my children to the SRC and Chinook?

    Participants under the age of 18 have access to the SRC and Chinook Student Center during our family hours. The cost is $2 per day and a legal adult must accompany them during their visit. A signed Assumption of Risk Waiver must be signed by the youth's parent or legal guardian prior to entry to the facility. Guidelines for specific youth usage can be found here

  • How can I upgrade to a full size locker?

    In order to be placed on the wait list, you must be a current SRC member and you must currently hold a half-size locker. To be placed on the upgrade wait list, please email David Grassi (david.grassi@wsu.edu) with your name, phone number and request to be placed on the full size locker waiting list. You can purchase a half size locker here.

  • What is the Membership Refund/Cancellation Policy?

    University Recreation elected membership purchases will be refunded or cancelled on a prorated basis. 

    Each requested refund will be judged on a case by case basis. The mandatory student fee will not be refunded, per university policy.