Below are the total amounts each club charged for annual individual member dues. Each member is also required to pay the $60 Sport Club Member fee ($30 per semester).

Badminton $100
Baseball $300
Crew  $950
Cricket  $200
Equestrian  $1,000 
Fencing  $100
Men's Ice Hockey  $2,000
Men's Lacrosse $2,400
Women's Lacrosse $500
Men's Rugby $300
Ski $600
Men's Soccer $225
Women's Soccer $300
Fastpitch Softball $300
Swim $300
Tae Kwon Do $100
Tennis $100
Ultimate $40
Men's Volleyball $500
Women's Volleyball $500
Winter Guard $300
Wrestling $300

Pay Club Dues

Club members can now pay semester or annual dues online. Click on the club name below to pay dues through the University Recreation website. The amount charged varies by club and is set annually by individual club leadership.

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