As University Recreation (UREC), we engage the WSU community in healthy, active living. Regular physical activity has been shown to enhance learning, academic achievement, and contribute to emotional health. UREC provides a safe and inclusive environment where students, faculty and staff can explore new ways to incorporate exercise into their lives. Trending and diverse programming opportunities facilitate a campus experience to contribute to a lifetime of productivity and health. Facilities and equipment are on a continuous cycle of maintenance to provide maximum safety for all users.  

  • Where we started

  • The Student Recreation Center became a student issue in the spring of 1996 when the student body president at the time had high interest in building a facility solely dedicated to the recreational needs of WSU students. A task force was then formed to determine the feasibility of the project, and with overwhelming student support the idea of the Student Recreation Center was put to a vote to determine if students were willing to pay fees for such a facility. The vote passed with a 64 percent approval of a mandatory WSU fee to finance the construction and operation of the SRC. Program and pre-design planning began immediately.

    Student Guidance

    • University Recreation Advisory Board: oversees operational decisions including budgets, programming priorities and master planning for both University Recreation and the Chinook Student Center
    • Sport Club Federation Advisory Council: oversees sport club policy review and enforcement, recommends sanctions for clubs who violate policy outside of the authority of the Center for Community Standards. 
    • Student Employee Advisory Council: serves as liaison between UREC temporary employees and professional staff, develops employee recognition programs and provides feedback to improve operations. 
    • Funding and SRC fee rate is approved through the student Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee.