U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming is a structured aquatic program. Our U.S. Masters club practices have certified coaches on deck to tailor the workouts to the group of swimmers participating. Each workout plan will be adapted to the individual swimmer to help challenge based on personal goals. This program is perfect for those wanting to cross-train, improve swimming techniques, master skills, train for triathlons, be part of a club or team atmosphere, and more!

This all-inclusive practice pass allows to practice at any of the days/times practice is offered.

Practice will not be held on any Federal/WSU Holidays or WSU Breaks. Practice will not be held on any Federal/WSU Holidays or WSU Breaks. The practice schedule is subject to change without notice, however, we will always try to give prior notice when we can.

There are no prerequisites, however, it is recommended that all Masters participants should be able to swim a length of 25 yards using freestyle. Membership to US Masters is recommended but not required to participate in practices. The cost is an additional $60 per year, paid directly to U.S. Masters.

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