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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Can I sign up by myself or do I need to be in a group?

      There are a few opportunities each semester to participate in challenge activities as an individual. Special events like Week of Welcome, Family Weekends, Valentine's Climb and many more.

      You may also form your own student group with friends to participate in low and high challenge activities.

    • Do I have to go up high?

      No, programs are designed to meet your group’s needs. Each participant chooses for himself or herself at what level they will participate.

    • How many people do I need?

      We need a minimum of six people to meet the safety requirements for most activities. If less than six people show up we may cancel your contract. Realize that to cover facilitator costs, there is a minimum fee equal to the price of ten participants.

      We can comfortably handle up to 60 participants at a time on the challenge course, although we can accommodate larger groups.  Groups exceeding 150 people at a time can be accommodated with portable activities in another facility such as Valley Road Field. If you have a large group, please call to discuss your options with us.

    • I don't like being touched, should I just not come?

      Each person chooses how they participate in activities. If an activity includes touch you may choose to be the communicator, the problem solver, or a safety monitor. Challenge consists of many activities that vary in intensity level, some are at ground level and physical contact will be incidental. You may have a situation where you bump into each other or touch a shoulder for balance.

    • What do we do if it snows or rains?

      "There is no bad weather; just bad clothing" -Scandinavian Proverb

      Fortunately, the Student Recreation Center has ample space for large groups. Therefore, if the weather is really adverse, we have the option to move indoors for (part of) the day. Often, a group will decide to do the team activities inside and go outside for a high activity.

      In case of inclement weather, we also have the option to reschedule part of your day or to provide you with a refund of (or a portion of) your program fees.

    • What if I don't feel like I am fit or skilled enough to participate??

      All challenge activities are adaptable to diverse physical abilities. You know your body better than anyone else. We ask that you challenge yourself in such a way that you are learning, but not jeopardizing your wellbeing. Challenge programs are custom designed to meet both individual and group specific needs/abilities and goals.

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