Form and links for Coaches

Coaches Agreement Form

Monthly Hours Report

Coaches/Safety Officer Concussion Training

  • Click on “Sign In”in the top right corner of your screen if you have an NFHS account. Select “Register” to create your account and profile if not. Fill out the required information.
  • Select “Washington” from the “Please Select Your State” drop down menu. Click on “Order Course”
  • Click on “Myself”
  • Click on “Checkout”
  • Click on the checkbox “I agree to the NFHS No Refund Policy for online education courses, except for inadvertent duplicate purchases”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Click “Begin Course”
  • Don’t forget to download and save your NFHS Completion Certificate upon completion of the course and send to your club coordinator. 

Safesport Training

Members that currently have a training account:

  • If you already had an account on or, you can access the new site by going to  
  • Click "Login" on the upper right, enter your email address as your Username, and click "Forgot Password".  This will send a password reset notification to your email address.  Follow the instructions to create a new, secure password and log into the training site. 

Members that do not have a training account but need one:

  • If you do not have an account on or, select "Enrollment Key" on and enter the following key:   YXSsZDu9GgIV-EfQ7NGC Fill out the form with all the required information and your new account will be set up. 
  • If you are unsure if you have an account or not, follow the instructions for members who currently have a training account.  Test any possible email addresses you may have used.  If the system cannot verify an account exists, follow the steps for members that do not have a training account.

Having trouble logging into the new system? If you are having trouble logging into Absorb or creating a new account using the provided enrollment key, contact the Center’s help desk at 1-720-676-6417.