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Challenge Program

WSU's Challenge Program is offering experience-based programming via Zoom to facilitate activities for your group to connect, think critically, and have fun. Though our setting has changed, our methods remain the same, as we are committed to providing groups the opportunity to explore their learning outcomes by engaging in web-based problem-solving initiatives.  

Our programs allow you to discover and practice new skills and leadership styles. Rather than lecture on the importance of teamwork, communication, and trust we facilitate groups to experience the importance. Our programs are all developed with group goals in mind and can be custom created. Alternatively, groups can select from the options below and work on one of our neatly packaged programs. Programs can be held at our facility or at the location of the groups choosing.   

Leadership         Teamwork          Communication            Trust            Fun & Bonding          Custom Program


How do we do it?

Currently, we are using a variety of web-based resources to help us facilitate activities for our groups. Using Zoom as our means to connect, our program will share a link and access code for your group to join through. From there, our facilitator will guide you through a process that allows each individual within the organization to participate. 


Interested in pricing? Click here to access our Registration & Pricing page.