Hazing Policies

Washington has a no-tolerance hazing law that requires an organization to lose recognition from the university if they are found responsible for hazing or the University is in violation of state law. Please review the Washington Administrative Code (504-26-206) and/or the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 28B.10.900 - 28B.10.910) related to hazing, as well as WSU's online hazing prevention training (https://youtu.be/I3vzeAN9rqA) for more information.

For more information regarding expectations for student conduct, please see the Student Handbook for Community Standards.

Reporting Resources

If you witness acts of hazing, please completing the Hazing Report Form. We ask that you provide your contact information so we have a viable reason to follow up on the report.

The following are a few reporting resources that everyone has available to them:

Violation Reporting Resources

If you see something, say something. Maintaining community standards is important for all of us!

Reporting to the Police:

If you are experiencing an emergency, need immediate help, or are observing a situation that needs to be resolved immediately, please call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.

If you would like something to be addressed immediately but feel that this is not a police emergency, you can contact the police non-emergency line at (509) 332-2521.

Reporting to the Center for Community Standards:

You can report violations of the Standards of Conduct for Students directly to the Center for Community Standards at Washington State University: 509-335 4532 or community.standards@wsu.edu (anonymous complaints are accepted)

Reporting to Compliance and Civil Rights:

You can report violations of Executive Policy 15 (Sexual Assault, Harassment, or Discrimination) directly to the Compliance and Civil Rights at Washington State University:509-335-8288, ccr@wsu.edu or online at https://ccr.wsu.edu/file-a-complaint/ (anonymous complaints are accepted).

Reporting to University Recreation:

Reports that are submitted to University Recreation staff members will be referred to either Center for Community Standards or Compliance and Civil Rights.

Reporting to the National Governing Body

Sport Clubs and club members must also adhere to policies of their National Governing Bodies. Each will have their own standards regarding behavior of members.  You can report directly to your National Governing Body by contacting them directly.  Typically contact information is available on their national website.